What’s Your Favorite Euphemism?


I’m pretty excited about this post because if I were not the smart puppy that I am, I would never be able to “come running” when Daddy & Mommy call me….by all sorts of names!   My name is Nikita, formerly called Nanuk when I was born, but I answer to so many other names. 

  1. Slow Poke – I got this name when I have too many things to sniff on the driveway by the back door and hesitate to enter the backdoor
  2. Bicycler – This is when I stand on my two back legs and actually bicycle in the air with my front paws when I see someone I know 
  3. Fluffy Butt – This one is obvious, because my butt is fluffy!
  4. Sniffy – Daddy calls me this all the time because I “sniff” in his pockets when he sits down at the table
  5. Optimal Pooper – I love to… you know what!
  6. Mulch Eater – Because I love to eat pieces of mulch (I know I am not supposed to, but that won’t stop me from trying)
  7. Stud-a-Bubba – Once again, when I am slow at walking into the house when called
  8. Nosey – I can’t believe that I get called this a lot, but I guess it’s because I always have to know what is going on & stick my nose into things

So, what do you call it when your dog has to go outside?  Mommy always asks me “Do you have to go outside?” and if I do, I run around in circles by the back door, but when we get outside, there are many names for what I do.  What do you call it when your pet goes?  Let me know! 

  1. #1 – Wiz
  2. #2 – Poo Poo
  3. Doody
  4. Hershey Kisses
  5. Deposits
  6. Presents
  7. Land Mines
  8. Dog Logs
  9. Poopies
  10. Droppings
  11. Boom Booms

It’s all good, no matter what I am called, I will come running… that oh so wonderful unconditional love of a puppy.  We love to please!

Have a happy euphemistic day,


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