When Toys Aren’t Enough – It’s Time to “Hang” it Up

I thought that I would “lay low” since my last blog post, because I still feel bad about the EB accident, it was an accident I tell ya, seriously!  LOL  

Mommy had her follow-up appointment today at the doctor’s to check up on her knee injury and all looks good for her.  She needs to do a little physical therapy with weights to strengthen her muscles since she has not used her left leg in a few weeks, but she is on the road to a great recovery!  Yeah for Mommy!  (I know that Daddy is really happy to hear this good news too because he loves Mommy so much!) 

So, today I was trying to be a good little girl and instead of my toys, I found some amusement with a plastic hanger!  Man, if you have never played with one of these things before, you need to try it out!  I snuck the hanger when Mommy wasn’t looking and went running all over the house with it in my mouth!  I threw it up in the air, I caught it, and ran from room to room with my new “toy” with a smile on my face from ear to ear – Man, this thing is awesome fun!  Who knew that something that wasn’t specified as one of my own toys would be this much fun! 

While playing with my new toy, I had to stop by the front window to see what was going on outside, just to make sure that I did not miss anything that was happening.  And, I am glad that I did, because there was “action” right out my own front window…. a radar trap from one of our finest!  I sat there, with my new hanger dangling out of my mouth, just starring across the street and watched with amusement as this guy tried to catch anyone speeding.  To my knowledge, he was unsuccessful and gave up.  LOL

We’re going to have a great weekend, because Daddy just told us last night that he has Good Friday off (isn’t every Friday good?) and gets to spend three days this weekend with us!  Yeah!  That is great news because Daddy works really really hard and deserves a day off – not to mention, he gets to spend it with Me and Mommy!   I am still not sure if I am going to get an Easter basket or not, since the EB is probably still mad at me, but we’ll see. 

Hope everyone is having a great day & go find yourself a hanger to play with!

Love & Hanger Kisses to you,


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