When the Easter Bunny Gets Chewed Up

What else do you do when it’s raining outside?  You play, right?  Well, I took playing to a whole new level.  Mommy must have sensed that something was wrong, really wrong, because of the eerie quietness in the house… that is usually a good sign that “something” is wrong, and she was right.  If Mommy was right, then I was wrong and I am in BIG trouble!  Mommy quietly walked into the kitchen (where most of my sneaky time happens) and she saw the white filling of my EB (Easter Bunny) all over the floor.  I just laid there like a deer in  headlights, frozen, my heart was thumping, and I tried to look innocent, but that did not work, because Mommy walked over to me and pulled off my face a huge hunk of the white stuffing from EB.  BUSTED!  I guess I can’t talk myself out of this one, eh?   Now that I chewed up EB, I bet that I won’t be getting an Easter basket this year. 

I’m sorry EB,
Love Nikita

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