I’m Starting to Drool

Good morning everyone, hope all of you had a fabulous weekend, as usual, I always have great weekends because I get to spend every minute with Mommy & Daddy!  Today, I just turned NINE MONTHS OLD and I still can’t believe how much I have grown.  Just a blink of an eye ago, I was this little fluffy furball, and look at me now!  I remember way back when I could not even see out of the front window, now I can look out without jumping, and I remember riding in the front seat of the car and not being able to even see out the side window, and now…. I make so many “smudge” marks on the window to make Daddy buy stock in Windex. 

Did you know that Nikitaland now has over 4,000 visitors? WOW!  My last blog post got over 90 visits alone, I must have written some great stuff to attract that many people!  Thanks for stopping by!  Make sure you share my blog with all your friends, as I am always trying to come up with great things to share with you. 

My Auntie came over for dinner on Saturday and Mommy made everyone tortillas that I am assuming were yummy (as I did not get to try them), but the aroma in the kitchen was heaven.  I kept walking around in circles sniffing the air.  I did try to sneak up on their laps to see if I could get a lick of what was on their plate, but I was unsuccessful.  Heck, not even a morsel of hamburg or cheese, bummer!  Anyhow, after dinner, my Auntie played all night with me and threw my squeaky ball toys down the hallway for me to fetch.  (that was a lot of fun)  I can’t wait for my Auntie to come over again & see me.  Did you notice that my Auntie also likes “Pink”? 

Did you know what my favorite time of the day is?  It’s when my Daddy says to me “Time for Bed“.  When my Auntie was over, Daddy wanted to show her what I do when he tells me “Time for Bed”.  I usually run around and try to find my big red squeaky bone, but I must have been trying to show off in front of Auntie, that I came running around the corner, into the kitchen, with my pillow in my mouth.  (Everyone laughed)  I must remember that “Pillow in mouth = huge amounts of laughter”.  I am one funny puppy ya know! 

The day is still young, and after I take my morning nap, I’m heading to the bank with Mommy, then…. who knows what I will get into.  No matter what it is, I am sure that I will blog about it later!  What did you do this weekend? 

Monday kisses to you, Nikita

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