Is Your Puppy a Party Hound?

Forgot I was this tiny

I believe weekends were meant for me and probably should be renamed to “Nikitaends” because I think that I hold in all of my get-up-and-go for the weekends, but run out of gas soon after. (I keep forgetting that I am still a pup)  I try to fit in tons of things to do all in one weekend, and I would probably do more, but time runs out, or I get hungry, then we need to head home.  This new time change is hard to get used to! LOL  Daddy & Mommy took me to visit the V-E-T-S again on Saturday, but it was a good trip – nothing scary happened to me (this time).  We just had to get me weighed and I’m now 51.8 pounds and had to pick up a six month supply of my Revolution to keep me safe (thanks Daddy for always thinking of me), then with that done and out of the way, we headed over to my favorite place … PetSmart!  YEAH

I was so excited about arriving at PetSmart, that I almost took Mommy’s arm off while getting out of the car because I just bolted towards the sidewalk.  (I feel sooooo bad for doing this because Mommy still has her knee immobilizer on and can’t walk that well)  I apologized to Mommy for about one second on the sidewalk, then turned back towards my “goal”… the sliding door that opens to a heaven of smells, tons of butts to sniff, and all the treats I can scam!  HEAVEN!  I got through the sliding doors and once again upon my entrance, I hear everyone yell “Nikita!” (it is so cool to know how Norm felt on Cheers when they all welcomed him when he entered a room)  My favorite PetSmart employees are always the ones who first greet me with hugs & treats, and I just want to do a shout-out to Jane & Brett.  Brett actually left his register for a few minutes just to come over to give me belly rubs, and boy oh boy did I just melt into the floor for this treatment.  (I hope we don’t have to pay extra for belly rubs, do we?)  I got to meet tons of new people, sniffed lots of four-legged buddies, and I passed out my Nikitaland Blog Cards to everyone I met.  (Oh, I almost forgot to mention how shocked I was when Brett told us that he has my blog card in his wallet!  How cool is that!!!) 

Daddy headed off to get his hair cut and while he was gone, Mommy snookered me into taking a bath.  Now, that was not funny at all.  She knows how I don’t like getting wet, but when I heard the water running and the bathroom door closing behind me, I knew it was all over & and I had to go through with it.  Bummer.  To my surprise, taking a bath was actually kinda refreshing, not to mention that I now smell better too.  Daddy & Mommy also snuck a new one on me today – – THEY USED A BLOW DRYER on me to dry me faster.  It took both of them to keep me from running down the hallway, but after a few minutes of that nice warm breeze blowing over me and fluffing up my hair, I kinda liked it.  (Don’t know if I will like it the next time they try to snooker me, but this time was ok)  I wish I could have got a photo of me being blow-dried, now that would have been one funny photo!

The Nikitaend (ie: weekend) would not be complete without a visit from Grandma!  Daddy visits Grandma & Grandpa every weekend, but since we had a lot of things going on, Grandma came over for a visit.  I love it when Grandma visits and I told her that she needs to come see me more often.  Grandma brought me a new toy (Grandma’s are good for things like that) and I love it!  (Thanks Grandma I Love You)  Even Grandma thought I smelled good!

Although it’s just Tuesday and a long way to go until the weekend, I am sure that I will find some things to get into along the way, and I am so glad that all of you are here with me – to giggle at what I do, and hopefully I bring a little smile to your face every time you visit!  Have a great day & don’t forget to tell someone today that you love them – life is too short, embrace the moment & make someone happy! 

Tuesday Treats to you,


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