Spring in Disguise

Guess Who?

Well, yesterday I was talking about April Showers, but they turned into snow instead!  Spring is definitely in disguise and I am sure all of the cute little flower buds that started to peek through the mulch have been damaged from all the snow.  I love the snow personally, but I think that Mother Nature is playing a dirty little trick on me, because one day I go outside to green grass and warmer temperatures, then yesterday, I was in the backyard watching the snow pile up on my nose.  I even tried catching it in the air before it hit the ground. (now that was fun & Mommy was laughing at me)  Mommy and I were glad that Daddy was able to get home ok with all the snow that came down.

We all watched American Idol again last night (we are hooked) and we loved the tribute of Elton John songs that all the contestants sang.  We DO have our favorites, but we’re not going to tell you who.  We also heard that two of the idols are now dating – it’s Casey & Haley!  Aw, how cute is that?  Good luck to you both!  Going to watch Idol tonight because they are cutting “two” tonight.  I already feel like I know who the two are, but it is all up to America & their votes as who stays & who goes.  We’ll see tonight at 8:00pm!

Happy Idol Day to you – Nikita

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