I’m 8 Months Old Today!

What a great day it is today!  It started off with Mommy and I waving goodbye to Daddy when he left for work, and I have been glued to the front window (now that we can open our windows with a little warmer weather) watching the birdies frolic in the front yard, all the people driving by in their cars, and I have also been watching my favorite ladies across the street in the medical building.  I saw Maggie open the door because she must have seen me watching out the window and she said “Hi Nikita“, and when I heard her, I got all excited and jumped around and wagged my tail.  (Gosh I love those ladies Maggie & Lisa as they are so nice to me and give me lots of hugs when I go visit) 

Mommy also thought that for my 8 month anniversary, that she would try to put on my Halloween tutu for a photo op, but we found out that my tutu that once fit around my waist at Halloween, now only fits around my neck!  WOW, I must be getting older for that to happen!  LOL 

Gotta love my floofy hair!

I also wanted to thank everyone who has donated to the DOGGIE DOLLARS & KITTY KASH!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  Now don’t forget to keep that receipt for your taxes because your donation is tax deductible!   A great big THANK YOU goes out to Angie from Thoughts Appear Blog for her donation today!  Woof woof!

Daddy and Mommy have been busy placing their huge Halloween order for their website www.themesnthings.com and they can’t wait for the awesome & gruesome Halloween order to arrive.  I am not, however, going to be happy when this order arrives because all of this Halloween stuff really scares me!  I will have to hide somewhere when they take all of the items out of the box – boooooooo!  Check out their site and watch for all the new arrivals for the witching hour! 

Mommy and I are going to work out in the yard a little today since it is so nice outside.  It is so strange that about a week ago, I was standing in snow really high, and now I can see the green grass and feel warmth on my face.  Boy oh boy, I can’t wait for all the walks that Daddy and Mommy are going to take me on!  Yeah! 

I hope that everyone enjoys their day, and gets lots of treats like I do!  Don’t forget to donate today:  http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/themesnthings/2011-doggy-dollars-kitty-kash

Warm sunshine kisses to you,

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