Bones on the Toilet

BONES in the Bathroom

Some things never change, and one of them is my dislike for this guy that we call…”Bones“.  You see, Mommy made this guy out of shipping paper and is going to paper mache him for Halloween, but she keeps “getting” me with him.  Today, she moved him (without me knowing) into the bathroom and placed him on the toilet.  I just happen to be running by the bathroom with my toy and… “screeeeeeeeech, I came to a hault” and thought, “who let this guy out?” and of course I had to protect Mommy from Bones.  As you can see from my photograph, I was


running back and forth, back and forth in front of the doorway growling at him.  How in the heck did he get past ME of all puppies? (that is yet to be determined) but somehow he got in there and I don’t like it!    As you can see, we are already thinking about Halloween and it’s only March!  (I hope I don’t wake up tomorrow morning to find this guy sleeping next to me – that would not be a pretty sight!) 

I got a little closer.......Grrrr


Have a great weekend & get your fire pit out tonight!


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