I Don’t Look Good in Green

I was looking out the kitchen window this morning watching all the traffic go by, like I do every morning, and I happen to notice that everyone has “green” on.  I turned around and asked Mommy why everyone was wearing the same color today.  She said it’s St. Patrick’s Day and that people celebrate this day by wearing all green, funny hats, beads, weird glasses, and drink green beer, and oh yeah, there is a great big parade too.  I don’t get it….  who would want to wear all green?  My color is pink, I LOVE pink!  So I will not be wearing any green today, just my normal pink color that I love. 

There is also another reason to celebrate today, as it’s my Daddy’s Boss’s Birthday today!  I made a really neat birthday card for him and worked on it all day yesterday, so I hope he likes it.  Anyhow, just wanted to give a shout out to him and say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG GUY“, hope you have a great day!  Woof woof! 

I think that Comic Relief hit our place last week, because Mommy did something last week that started a whole lot of laughter.  You see, Mommy took one of our huge round Halloween tubs that we use for candy and put a little pillow inside it for the kitties.  Thoughtful act, right?  Sure it is, but now we have either a “whine fest” or a “game of tag” going on with the cats.  When

This is MY tub!

 one cat sits in the tub, the other one whines that they are not in it, and so on.  Then, whoever is in the tub, the other cat waps the cat in the tub on the head to get out.  (this has been going on for days now, with no relief in sightSilly cats… Tag, your it!

I also wanted to write again that I am collecting donations for the Cleveland APL Pledge for Pets.  No matter how much you can donate, $1, $5, or more, this money will help all of the pets in need at the APL.  THEY NEED YOUR HELP!  All of your donations are tax deductible too!  To donate online, click on this link http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/themesnthings/2011-Doggy-Dollars-Kitty-Kash 

We appreciate your donations, I appreciate your donations because, don’t forget that I was adopted too from the APL and I got a second chance for love and a great home.  And, without the APL’s help, I might not have made it as I fought for my life in the beginning.  Now, I’m one happy puppy! 

Have a great green pink day!
Love always – Nikita

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