Barking Geese & Kitty Kraziness

How do I catch a goose on a roof?

My day started off like any other day, except today while I was napping in the kitchen, I kept hearing all of this noise, so of course, I had to investigate.  When I went to the window to see what was going on, I looked all around and could not see anything, but all of that “barking” noise was still happening.  Where oh where is this noise coming from?  Then, to my surprise, I looked up and saw these two geese walking on top of the building across the street.  Now how in the heck am I going to get those huge birdies?  Big problem, I know.  I wish they would shut up because they woke me up from my nap! 

Anyhow, while I was on goose patrol, Mommy was busy taking some photographs of my kitty sisters & kitty brother.  She got some great photographs of them doing some of the silliest things (silly cats) – things that I would never do. LOL 

Gabriel & Angelica

Princess (aka:Prinster, Prinny)

I just noticed today that most of our snow is almost gone now, because I am finding more leaves & mulch all over the ground, and Mommy keeps taking the mulch out of my mouth so I don’t eat it.  Rats, foiled again by an adult!  Oh well, I know where to find more the next time we go outside!  Hee hee hee  Also, Mommy and I have been practicing on how to walk properly on a leash (I kinda get all excited and run on turbo speed when I’m on the leash).  For some reason, this feels like it is going to take some time to learn, but heck, I am a good learner and hopefully I will pick it up quickly. 

I can see the grass again!

I also wanted to give a shout out to my buddy Karen & her dog Harmony!  Don’t be too sad that Christopher is heading back to college.  My suggestion is for you to start your own blog, like me, and keep Christopher in the loop of what is going on at home.  That way, both of you won’t be sad, but will be able to communicate what’s going on at home & at his college.  (don’t forget to include lots of photos too in your blog)  I also wanted Harmony to know that I did bark at some birdies today (but they were big birds on the roof top) and it did make me happy. 

Have a great “goosy” day,

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