When a trip to PetSmart Turns into a Meet & Greet

The nose knows the way to PetSmart

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you all remembered to turn your clocks ahead one hour, and that means that we all lost an hour sleep, bummer!  (now I know why I am so sleepy this morning, lost an hour of beauty sleep

My Daddy, Mommy and I went to visit everyone at one of my favorite places this weekend, PetSmart.  I love going here because everyone knows me.  I kinda feel like Norm from Cheers – when I walk in the door, everyone shouts “Nikita“!   I was so excited to see everyone and tell them about my recent photo shoot for the article coming up in Cleveland Magazine (May Issue) and how I was a good girl & smiled pretty for the camera.  They are all looking forward to reading the article and said that they felt they were in the presence of a celebrity. 

I got to see one of my favorite PetSmart buddies – his name is Brett.  Brett always has a hug for me and I give him lots of puppy kisses for all of the treats he gives me.  (he knows my weakness for these heavenly goodies)  Thanks Brett! 

My buddy Brett & Me


While walking around the store with Daddy and Mommy, I got to meet some other new four-legged friends, but one in particular, did not like me very much and growled at me.  His name was Scrappy.  I forgive him for growling at me, heck, I can’t be everyone’s favorite, but I thought I could win this little guy over with my cuteness.  Scrappy was the most adorable dog though and had the cutest face.  I finally met a dog that doesn’t like me.  Hmmm


I also got to meet a cute little Pug named Bubba too!  His Mommy told us that he always walks around with his tongue hanging out of his mouth.  Now that is too funny!  Loved his curly tail!

Every time we’re at PetSmart, I always have to check out the toy aisle.  I am really good in this aisle too, because I don’t pick up any of the toys, I know they are not mine, but I do walk down the aisle and sniff each and every one of them.  (lots of good smells on these toys – who was here before me?)  Daddy did get me a new pink Frisbee so we can play in the summer. (thanks Daddy)

Gotta sniff those toys


I also got to meet someone who had three really tall dogs.  This guys dogs were really well behaved and could walk next to him all around the store  without being on a leash.  Man, those are some well behaved doggies!  I hope I can do that one day, but I am still a little puppy and need to be on a leash.
After we did our “tour” around the store and picked up everything that we needed, we headed over to get me weighed again.  Found out that I now weigh 47.4 lbs.  WOW!  Mommy won’t be able to pick me up pretty soon with that poundage!  But all good things must come to an end, and we needed to head home.  That’s ok, because that means that I get to ride in the car again and boy do I love that! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend and are enjoying the sun that is shining outside right now.  Hopefully Spring is on the way, and long walks are just around the corner! 

Monday smoochies to you – Nikita

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