Dog Day Afternoon

Bye Bye with Daddy

Today has already started off to be a great day for this puppy!  The sun is out, which is a strange thing to see this time of year, but I am soaking it in.  I started off my day by sitting by the back door to watch what’s going on in the backyard, watch the birdies fly by, and the gutters dripping water from the melting snow on the roof, until I heard Daddy pick up his keys.  Yeah, he must be going somewhere and I better get into my best behavior mode so he will take me with him.  Guess what, I am going!  I got all ready in my beautiful pink & black leash and waited anxiously by the back door until Daddy backed out the car.  Mommy took me out to the car and I jumped in the front seat, but I needed assistance getting my back end in the car.  I am getting better at this, but sometimes it is hard for me to jump over the side panel in the car and need someone to help me. (Thanks Mommy for picking up my butt and helping me in)  Mommy then took a picture of me and Daddy in the car, and I am already in Heaven mode because I love going bye bye. (You can see it in my face on how much I love it) 

DUDE, where's my ball?

When Daddy and I got home, we played catch with my squeaky ball and he chased me all around the house.  I love playing with Daddy, but I have got to learn how to “let go” of the ball when I bring it to him.  He throws it, I fetch it, then when I bring it back to him, I pound the ball on his lap while in my mouth, but I don’t drop it, I guess I am teasing him by doing this, but finally I do drop it so he can throw it again.  I do need to learn that when I hear “drop it”, I need to drop it.  Don’t think that is going to happen any time soon, so I’ll continue to do my tease by bringing it back, tap tap tap on the leg, then run away until I get chased.  It’s a funny thing we do, and I love it! 

Gimme some of that pizza!

Daddy warmed up some pizza for a quick snack, and of course, it smelled yummy so I had to see if I could snag a lick or two off his plate with my ten foot tongue.  (No, I don’t really have a ten foot tongue, but that is what Daddy & Mommy say I have when I get into the “I want what’s on your plate mode“)  They always turn my attention away from their food by offering me a bribe of a puppy treat, and it usually works.  What they don’t know is, that I do this on purpose so I can get a treat, ha ha, and it works every time!  What a sneaky little puppy I am.  Hee hee hee   It’s Noon, so it is time for my lunch… finally!  Once I’m done, I always come over for hugs from Mommy and I let her know how much I enjoyed my meal! 

I also keep hearing about this thing called a “cat nap“, so I looked it up on Google to find out more about it.  Can puppies take a cat nap?  Or would it be called a puppy nap?  Google has nothing about puppy naps, so what is it called when we nap?  A cat nap is a short nap that cats take throughout the day.  Hey, I nap throughout the day too, but I don’t want to take a nap with the cats.  Mommy tells me that naps are good for you as it refreshes you and increases your alertness.  Daddy is napping now, so is he taking a cat nap, or is it called a Daddy nap?  I will have to ask him if his alertness is better after his nap? LOL  Gotta love my Daddy!  He works so hard to make sure that I have plenty of good food to eat, and lots of toys to play with.  (Thanks Daddy!)   I’m going to head off to my favorite place to nap too, now that my belly is full from lunch.  I will catch up with you later to keep you informed of the rest of my day. 

Sending you puppy ZZZZZZZZZ’s your way,
Love always, Nikita


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