Even Birdies Can Get Snowed In

Snowed in Birdies

Woke up this morning to a “White Out”!  This is super crazy because yesterday I was running around on grass, eating mulch, sticks & leaves, and today, I am jumping through mounds and mounds of snow!  Man, I love this stuff!  Even the birdies got snowed in today – look how much snow is on top of their feeder!  Yikes!  It was really cool today when I was outside playing, because a bunch of huge black birdies flew right over my head and I just sat there and watched them fly and turned my head to see them disappear into the trees.  I think they were trying to dive-bomb me because they were squawking all sorts of nonsense at me.  Not sure what they were saying, because I don’t speak “birdie” language – I only woof and growl.   

Our backyard covered in snow

Mommy finally got all of the snow off the driveway, and it took a few times to do so because the snow was that really heavy stuff, now Daddy can just drive right into the garage with no problems when he gets home.  Hopefully his ride home will be a safe one, but I am sure it will be because I have been watching the snow plows go by and they are doing a great job of clearing off the roads.  Now, everyone can get into work with no problems, and will be able to also get home safe too!  Rumble rumble rumble…..here comes another plow!  Gotta go run to the front window! 

I can’t wait until Daddy gets home!  I always greet him with such a warm welcome!  Mommy always tells me “Daddy’s Home” and when she says that, I hear the rumble of his car driving in and I get all pumped up!  I hang over the puppy gate by the back door and listen intensly for his footsteps, then I hear the door knob turn, and then he appears – YEAH it’s Daddy!  Only a few more hours to go until I get to see him! 

Deer hide behind our fence & try to scare me

Have a great day & stay warm! 
Snowy puppy kisses to you – Nikita

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