When the Puppy Gate is not High Enough

Need a new gate!

Hey Everyone….right after my post yesterday, I had another “first” to add to my list.   I actually got over the puppy gate by the back door!  Mommy was busy trying to get a UPS package out for their super awesome customer, Karen from PA (Hi to Karen & her dog Harmony – Woof Woof!) and when Mommy was busy handing the big box to the UPS driver who never smiles, I was busy jumping up and down behind the puppy gate, when I must have jumped high enough to get my belly up and on top of the gate and I slid right over the top to the landing.  Mommy grabbed me real quick before I could get out the back door and the UPS driver was standing there laughing (now that’s a first for him).  I still can’t believe how I could get over this gate as it is 27″ high, but somehow if you jump high enough, you can!  Cool, eh? 

Take Out Anyone?

Lick, Lick, Lick

I also got caught drinking water from the sink in the bathroom yesterday too!  Man, did I have a busy day getting into things.  Then, when Daddy got home from work, I was on “turbo speed” and was running all over the house with my squeaky toys and I even got to play with a take out container that did not last long, as I chewed it up real quick.  (Mommy had to take it away from me because I was pulling plastic pieces off it – Rats!)  Then, I finally was pooped and had to take a nap before bed time.  Peace and quiet at last!  Even though I was napping, I still had my radar ears on duty, and was eagerly awaiting Daddy to say…”Time for Bed”.

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