Quirks & Antics

Hanging over the puppy gate

WHAT MAKES A PUPPY FUNNY?  I live each day to have fun, and with that said, I thought that I would share with you some of my funny quirks and antics that I get into on a daily basis.  Here we gooooo… (these are the top ten in no particular order either)

  1. I live to get as many treats as I can
  2.  Slobering all over my toys
  3. Eat dust bunnies when I see them
  4. Chasing the light coming through the kitchen window
  5. Growl at the laundry basket when it is turned on its side
  6. Bark at the new garbage bag when Mommy is opening it up (I must have a problem with garbage, as I bark at the garbage man too)
  7. Water running?  I must run to the sink to get a drink (somehow, the water from the kitchen or bathroom sink tastes better)
  8. The word “Sandwich” has a new meaning- Before Daddy leaves for work he gives Mommy a kiss & hug, but when he says “Sandwich”, I jump up between them and they sandwich me for a group hug!  I love that!
  9. When it’s bed time, Mommy takes off my collar and puts it on the nightstand, but when she unsnaps it, I have to “sniff it” then give it a quick lick for approval, then she can set it on the table. Weird, huh? (it’s true, I do this every night
  10. After every meal I have, I always run over to either Mommy or Daddy for a hug & a belly rub.  Not a meal goes by that I don’t do this.  I just sit there with my head held high and soak up the attention. 

Every puppy should have fun and enjoy life, heck, what else do we have to

The laundry basket trap

 do in a day?  LOL  I am just happy to have a great home to live in, and someone to take care of me so well.  Not all puppies are this fortunate, but I am one lucky puppy to be able to have this much fun in a day, and be able to repeat #1 thru #10 tomorrow! 

Have yourself a puppy quirk today!  Enjoy life & love every minute you’re in it!  Nikita smoochies to you!

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