Identification Handle Wrap

Hey everyone, have you ever been at the airport and grabbed the wrong suitcase because you thought it was yours?  I am sure that has happened to most of us…until now!  You can now identify your OWN bag with this bright yellow neoprene handle wrap!  Grab your luggage FIRST on that conveyor belt and be on your way when you use one of these handle wraps!  Check out how you can get one of these on our eBay store today!   Great gift idea for the frequent traveler, or you can even use this on your gym bag, your reusable shopping bags at the grocery store, or even on your dog leash for more comfort when walking Fido!  Make sure you let them know that Nikita sent you!   

Nikita’s always working hard to keep you informed of all the HOT new items!  WOOF!

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