Signs of Spring!

Signs of Spring!

The Days of Running Around Outside are Coming…

When I was outside today, I noticed something popping up through the snow, hmmmm, is this something to chew on? Perhaps, but I kinda got hollered at when I tried to do just that.  Heck, I wasn’t eating the yellow snow and this was something that I have not seen before, so I had to go check it out.  Mommy told me that it is the first signs of Spring!  Well, that means that I will soon be able to run around outside in the warm sun on the nice green grass, chase all the leaves that I LOVE, eat sticks & mulch, get dirty and track it all back into the house, and listen to all of the other doggies in the neighborhood barking (of course, I bark right back), I get to play with the neighbors doggies – Lola & Angel too!  I will also get to see more often my Uncle Denis & Aunt Becky.  I go crazy when I see them as they mess with me all the time when I am outside.  (Remember that Uncle Denis & Aunt Becky got me that really neat red ring chew toy for Christmas?  I love that thing)  I will get to go for more walks and will get to visit Lisa & Maggie who work across the street from us in the medical building.  I love visiting them!    There are so many fun things to look forward to that I can’t list them all, but I do look forward to them!  But most of all, I will get to spend all of my time with Daddy & Mommy and sit with them on the front porch in the evenings drinking coffee & watching my furry friends walk by.  Gotta love those nights!  

Hey, I almost forgot to mention to all of you, that I will soon be releasing my first “Doggie Gear” Item!  This is exciting news!  I will most definitely write about it in my upcoming blog posts.  It will be something that any & all dog owners will want to get!  So, keep watching my blog to see what it is! 

Until later – Nikita

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