When Weekends Turn into an Adventure

Me & Daddy

It’s really amazing for a puppy to be able to get excited about two little words. . . “Bye Bye“.  When I hear these words, I go crazy and run all over the house in excitement because I know what these words mean – it means that I get to go for a ride in the car!  Yippee!  Daddy, Mommy and I took a little ride to Pet Supplies Plus to pick up a few things for my kitty sisters and for some puppy food for me.  I love these kinds of stores because I get to see other doggies and I get along well with them too. Of course we have to sniff each other, that’s just our way of saying “Hey, what’s up?”   I also love running down the aisle that has tons of bins of doggie biscuits!  This is HEAVEN to me, as I sniff each and every one of them, and have to examine each bin, and as I head down the aisle, the biscuits get bigger and bigger – Yeah for me, but I still eat the somewhat smaller biscuits for now, I’ll work my way up to these BIG biscuits soon!  Anyhow, Mommy measured out three scoops of puppy biscuits into a clear bag and headed to the scale to weigh them – WOW, only $ 0.85 cents, now that’s a low price!  (geez, now I sound like the Staples commercial) LOL    Anyhow, we headed up to the register to checkout and I got to meet some more people who wanted to pet me, of course I acted like an angel. 

Me & Mommy

Then we headed off to the grocery store, but I had to sit in the car with Mommy as Daddy ran in for a few items.  I can’t believe that I am not allowed in the grocery store, I would just sniff everything, that’s all, I promise!  So, I had to wait in the car, but I made some good use of my time, as I barked and growled at everyone who got near the car.  Mommy kept telling me I was a good girl, but I already knew that!  When we got home, I got some great pictures with Daddy & Mommy, because we are always updating my photo album with new pics since I am growing like a weed.  (I thought a weed was a bad thing, and I am a good thing.  Snort, I will have to think on that one) 

Anyhow, I had a long day yesterday and went to bed early, just in time to catch Everybody Loves Raymond – man, that’s a funny show!  It did not take me long to fall asleep as I think I even beat Daddy.


Big Puppy Kisses to you,
Love Nikita

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