Whatcha Barking About?

Waiting for Daddy by back door

Yesterday was such a great day, weather wise, high in the 50’s, and the sun was out, what a nice break from all the snow we have had (but I love that white stuff) and I sat by the back door watching the people & cars go by!  Mommy snapped this photo of me right before Daddy came home from work, so I got to see him pull into the driveway and of course, I went crazy with excitement when I saw his car!  (look how pretty my fluffy tail is)  I also saw tons of birdies fly by that I barked at too! 

I also got to take a quick road trip to my Daddy’s work to pick something up for him.  I got to meet my Daddy’s boss and without thinking, I did something horrible….. I growled and barked at him!  YIKES!  That was not good!  Here I am, sitting in the front seat of the car with Mommy, and I got to see my Daddy’s boss for the first time and what do I do?  I barked at him!  That was not such a good first impression I made at all, but heck, I’m a dog and barking is what doggies do best.  After I checked him out, I actually let him pet me so that made everything all better.  So Ron, if you are reading this, I am sorry for barking at you!  I actually even powered down the passenger window with my paw and surprised everyone!  Cool!

I wonder what I will get into today?  Time will tell…
Until later, Nikita


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