Happy Valentine’s Day


Well, today’s VAL-entine’s Day, and although it seems just like any other day, my Mommy is excited because this is the only holiday with her name in it!  LOL  I think it is funny, because I am doing all of the same things that I do every morning.  I woke Daddy up today like I do everything morning, got breakfast, went outside, then ran down the hallway to wake Mommy up.  Mommy found a note on the coffee maker that Daddy left for her to say Happy Val-entine’s Day (thanks Daddy).  I am getting ready to head off to the bank with Mommy to get a treat from the lady in the window – gotta love anyone who gives me a treat!    Mommy and I made a really neat Val-entine’s Day present for Daddy… we made a full size “Me” out of brown shipping paper!  (I will post the photo’s of the “Paper Me” in my next post)  Daddy was so surprised and laughed when he saw the paper me!  We just wanted to make Daddy something special because he takes such good care of us!  (We love you Daddy) 

Anyhow, I mentioned earlier about some good news!  I am going to be in the May issue of Cleveland Magazine with my Daddy & Mommy.  We are going to be interviewed tomorrow night from Kristen Hampshire.  This is so awesome and we are really excited about this opportunity.  (Thanks Kristen)  I’ll keep you up to date on everything, but you will have to pick up your own copy of Cleveland Magazine to read all about me! 

Have a great Val-entine’s Day!
Puppy smoochies to you – Nikita

Kristen & her dog Mayzie

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