The ZZZZZZZZ’s Always Win


Oh nooooo, Mommy just caught me napping on the bed!  She snapped this photograph in mid yawn and I’m busted!  I did not want anyone to know that I snuck into the bedroom to take a nap, bummer, that Mommy knows all!   Mommy went outside to clean off the ice in the driveway and I snuck in here to take a little nap and to see if I could see her out the bedroom window, then I fell asleep.  I am

I'm Innocent

allowed in here, but no one knows that I sometimes sneak in here to nap because I love the warm sun on my back when it comes through the window (we have not had much of that sun lately, so you gotta enjoy it when it shows up)    Well, gotta go for now, and try to suck up to Mommy a bit and act cute!    Until later….. Woof Woof 

My Schnoz


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