When your Poop Rolls Downhill

My new Nylabone Daddy bought me!

Hi Everyone…..well, January just flew by for me and I have been a busy little puppy!  I am now 6 Months old now and getting bigger every week!  I weigh over 40 pounds now and I’m as adorable as ever!  I have been learning how to “catch” my toys in the air, and although I don’t catch them every time, I do catch them about 90% of the time!  I get so excited when I can catch my squeaky ball and get lots of praise from Daddy & Mommy for doing so.  My Mommy still sews up all of my toys that have “little accidents” like one of my last posts about what I did to my Hedgehog – we call him now “Franken-Hedgie” because his mouth looks like a Frankenstein because of all the sewing Mommy had to do to get him all sewn back together.  All Franken-Hedgie needs now is bolts in his neck, and he would be perfect….although, if he had bolts in his neck, I would probably chew them off!  LOL 

I still love every evening when it gets to be “that time“, and I hear Daddy say “It’s time for bed“, because I run to get my little blue & white squeaky bone and then head down the hallway to the bedroom, jump up on the bed, and wait for Daddy & Mommy!  I love sleeping with them so much, because it makes me feel so loved.  I just snuggle in between them and fall asleep.  Then, every morning like clockwork, I wake up and walk over and smack Daddy on the face (not too hard I hope) to let him know that I have to go outside! 

January and now February has dumped quite a bit of snow over here, and since Daddy & Mommy are running out of places to put all of the snow, they had to build me a snowy “Poop Pit”, well, at least that is what they call it.  It is this really great fort that they made for me in the snow that has a narrow opening for me to run in, then it opens up into a huge square for me to do my business.  Once again, Mommy explains to me to NOT eat the yellow snow!  Although I don’t ever try to eat that yellow snow, I do have quite the fascination with ice balls!  We had rain mixed with snow the other day and it made my Poop Pit an ice rink, so when Mommy took me out one morning and I had to do #2, I was shocked when I saw my doo doo just roll by me!  I was just squatting there, minding my own business, and watched the doo doo roll downhill!  Mommy was laughing so much when she saw that! 

I also love it when Daddy & Mommy finish with their dinner in the evenings because they love playing Wii Monopoly and I get to watch!  Sometimes I sit between them on the couch and I love the weird noises that their remotes make, but mostly I love watching the TV and watch the little players in the game run around the screen.  I try to catch them sometimes, but I can’t seem to get them. 

I also have some really awesome news!  Judy from the APL contacted my Mommy & Daddy and asked if we would be interested in being interviewed for the upcoming May issue of Cleveland Magazine for a dog feature (about ME!).  They said that they wanted to feature a “Happy Tale” of an adopted dog & cat.  We agreed and a writer from the magazine will be contacting us shortly!  Is that the neatest news you have ever heard?  We think so!  Thank you Judy for asking us and always thinking of us!  I will make sure I smile pretty for my photograph!

I hope everyone has dug theirself out of all this snow, but if you need any help, let me know because I am a good little digger! 

Hugs & wet puppy kisses to you,

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