When a Blogger Becomes a Friend

I love Angie from Thoughts Appear Blog

It is so great when one of my fellow bloggers became my friend!  Angie from Thoughts Appear Blog sent me this great card to thank me for the Christmas present I sent her.  I went shopping with Mommy and picked out this really super neat thing called an “Internet Journal” that I thought Angie could use.  It has tons of pages from A to Z where you can list all of your internet websites you visit along with spaces for your usernames & passwords.  I also wrapped up two little mice for Angie’s cat Esme, could not forget my fellow furry friend too!  Thanks so much Angie for the great card, it made my day! 


I also wanted to give a great big puppy shout out to Tille from Brecksville who sent me an email to let me know that she loved my blog.  She found out all about me through the APL’s newsletter “Pet Patter“. (I’m on Page 9)  Thanks Tillie and I hope you keep following me & watch me grow up!  (tell your friends all about me too!) 

Mommy spent some time yesterday fixing all of my stuffed toys that were in what she calls the “Pet Hospital“.  I play really hard some times as a puppy and some times accidentally rip an ear off of my hedgehog, or tear open the neck on my teddy bear, or even figure out how to open up my stuffed candy cane and remove the squeaker, but thanks to Mommy & knowing how to sew, she can fix anything and I’ve got all my toys back!  Yeah!  My toy chest is overflowing now…

Waiting for Breakfast - I'm still sleepy

Gotta go for now, I hear Mommy calling me for breakfast!  Woof!


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