Plop Plop Fizz Fizz Oh What a Relief it is

Waiting for the New Year to arrive

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  I hope everyone had a blowout celebration to an end of another year and rung in the New Year in style!  As for this puppy, I turned in early and did not even see the ball drop.  Ball drop?  Was that one of my balls?  Where did they get that ball, I want it!  Anyhow, I had a great end to my year because Daddy & Mommy invited my Auntie and my Grandma over for New Year’s dinner and spent time playing with me!  I always get so excited when I see them, and I sometimes make little puddles on the floor, sorry Mommy.  I was so tuckered out after everyone left and I turned in early – I just grabbed my fluffy bone pillow like I always do and ran & jumped on the bed & I was out like a light, but I woke up at Midnight to the sound of fireworks going off and of course, I had to growl & bark at them like a good puppy should.  I even slept in late with Daddy and Mommy this morning and was a good little puppy.

Daddy & Mommy took me over to visit the nice ladies across the street in the Medical Building the other day (their names are Lisa & Maggie).  I love visiting them so much because they rub my belly and give me hugs, kisses, and treats.  Can’t wait to see them again! 

Lisa & Maggie

I thought that I would share with you a list of some of the things that I don’t like:  (the list is not long)

  1. The garbage can by the curb – I hated that thing since I first saw it when I was little.  I growl at it every time I see it – then I have to growl at the man in that big noisy truck who picks up the garbage can
  2. Daddy’s gas grill – Not sure why I don’t like this thing, but when I saw the cover on that thing blowing in the wind, it scared me and I had to stand my ground and growl at it.  Now everyone is safe! 
  3. The upright vacuum – Just to clarify, the vacuum that I LOVE is the little thing called a canister vacuum, that is the one that Mommy uses when she vacuums me off, this upright thing is so lound and scary that I run and hide when Mommy gets this thing out of the closet.  Grrr!
  4. Mommy’s new Smoothie Maker – Daddy just got Mommy a thing called a Smoothie Maker for Christmas (I know Mommy likes it a lot – thanks Daddy), but when Mommy turned that thing on the other day to make a Strawberry Bananna Smoothie for her and Daddy, I had to protect my little world and jumped and growled at it and I even made noises that I have never made before, but they were coming from deep down in my belly.  Daddy & Mommy were cracking up over my shenanigans, but I stood my ground with that Smoothie thing and protected everyone! 
  5. The word “No” – Now, this is something that I know I have to work on, at least to make Daddy & Mommy happy, but whenever I hear that word, I act up like a bad puppy and run around and don’t listen, who knows why I do this, but every time I hear that word, Look Out!

I hope that all of you had a Happy New Year and you look forward to the start of another year with your loved ones.  Peace out!


Hugs & New Year Kisses,

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