Furry & Non-Furry Friends

Me in an Old Navy Sweatshirt

Well, it’s almost New Years, and although I have just been around this great world since July, I have made many many friends!  One of my favorite friends is Angie from Thought’s Appear Blog – she’s the one I told you all about that she loves Pop Tarts but hates camping & also gave me an award for being the cutest puppy, then all of my friends at the Cleveland APL that include “Uncle Dave”, Judy, Molly, Bree, Lisa, & many others, and all of my best buds at PetSmart  like Brett & Jane who always have hugs & treats waiting for me!  (Sometimes I feel like I am the PetSmart “Greeter” when I arrive)  I also want to thank the two nice ladies in the Medical Building across the street from me for all of their love & treats that they have given me in these past months, as they watched me grow up from a little fuzz ball to the great bigger puppy I am now – I love you guys!  And, I don’t want to forget the most important people…my Daddy & Mommy who always take such good care of me, wipe my paws when I come in from outside, spend time with me, give me lots of hugs & smoochies, and make sure my belly is full with good food, and always have time to play with me. 

Happy New Year!


I just want to thank all of you for your love, toys, & treats and for always keeping up with my blog & what I am doing.  I also want you to know that I will be announcing sometime in the New Year a new line of “Nikita Gear” and for every item purchased, I will donate a portion of the sales to the APL.  Just my little way to “Pay it Forward” and say thanks for all that they have done for me.  So, keep watching my blog to see what neat items I will have in the new year! 

Ozzy from the APL

P.S. – I also want to thank Ozzy & Kobe for writing about me in their “Cat’s Eye View – Notes from the APL“.  Although I did not get the chance to meet them on my visit to the APL, I hope that I will get to see them on my next trip.  Thanks Ozzy & Kobe & keep up the good work! 

Kobe from the APL


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