Road Trip!

I just heard the news from Mommy that we are taking a “Road Trip” next week!  YIPPEE!  Hey wait a minute, is this another trip to the VETS?  I hope not!  Oh wait, Mommy just clarified this for me and this is actually a good road trip as Daddy, Mommy and I are heading down to the Cleveland APL to visit everyone there!  YEAH, I so can’t wait because I get to see my Foster Mom and say hi and to show her how big I am now and to tell her all about how well I am being taken care of too! 

I will definitely be posting next week all the photo’s from my road trip so you can see how much fun I had and all of the great people at the Cleveland APL.  So… keep watching, because you might end up on my blog!   I hope they have puppy treats there for me!  LOL

I’ll store up lots of wet puppy kisses til then…

Cleveland APL

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