Happy Holidays from Nikita

Hi everyone, it’s me, Nikita!  Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and send all of you some puppy smoochies!  Here is our Christmas card that we just finished, so I hope you enjoy it!  I have been busy the last couple of days because we got LOTS of that white stuff called SNOW on the ground where I live!  As of today, the snow comes up higher than my belly, and I have had so much fun running and jumping like a kangaroo in the snow. 


I have had a hard time figuring out where all of the grass went where I used to go to the bathroom on, so I have to dig lots of holes in the snow to find the grass to relieve myself.   I still chase all the birdies when I see them on the bird feeder, even though Mommy tells me to leave them alone.  Daddy got me this neat fleece pullover to wear outside to keep me warm, but I don’t have any photo’s yet of me in it.  I will post them up here when I get em!  Daddy is so thoughtful to make sure I am all warm when I go outside in the cold.  I heard Mommy & Daddy talking about getting me some dog booties to wear, but I think that is not a good idea.  ME?  Wear booties?  Not a chance! 

I know we have only 18 days left until Christmas, but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday just in case I got busy.  All of you are so special to me and I hope you continue to watch my blog & watch me grow up! 

With Love Always,

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