Baby It’s Cold Outside

Watching the Birdies

It’s Thursday morning, and today is just like any other typical day.  I get up with Daddy, I get breakfast, I take a drink of fresh cold bottled water, and I go outside.  One thing you know for sure is, that it’s really cold outside if your No. 2 starts to “steam” in the crisp morning air.  Brrrr.    Daddy gets ready for work, and I give him wet puppy kisses goodbye and wag my tail like a helicopter taking off, then it’s off to the front window to wave goodbye as he backs out of the driveway.  Then like I usually do, I jump on the gate by the back door to alert Mommy that I have to go out… again.  I run out the back door to the nearest patch of grass I find in the backyard to relieve myself… again.  (man, puppies have to go alot don’t they!?)  Of course, while I am outside, I have to sniff “

Sitting in the Light

everything” to make sure that nothing has changed in the backyard since the last time I was out here, and I find myself sitting in front of the bird feeder, watiting for the birdies.  I don’t bark at them, I just sit there watching them.  They swoop in over my head and steal a piece of sunflower seed from the feeder and fly over my head with their beaks full as I watch them.  (I think they do that on purpose to tease me)  Then, it’s back into the house we go, only to find that “light” shining on the kitchen floor again – rats, I think I see that “shadow dog” again, he keeps following me!  Mommy snapped a few new photographs of me sitting in the light.  I love that light, it’s warm on my face, but I just can’t seem to bite it, believe me, I’ve tried.

See you all in a little bit, I still have a full day ahead of me!  Until Later, Nikita

2 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside

  1. Oh my goodness, she is getting so big. Does she like the snow ? I am so happy she has such a great home, with loving parents. Hopefully I will get to see her in the near future…. if you make any special trips to PetSmart, let me know and maybe I can meet you up there… Dave from the APL

    • Hi Dave! Yep, she’s getting BIG, but lovable in every way! We love it in the evenings when she is sleepy tired and gets all snuggly in our laps. You just melt when you look into those adorable puppy eyes! Keeping up her blog has been quite fun, making sure to not miss anything she does! It was funny when she saw snow for the first time…she just kept eating it walking all around the yard and she tried to bite it in the air when it was falling too! We might be heading up to PetSmart this weekend with her!

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