I Love to be Vacuumed!

It’s amazing what a puppy finds amusing.  We go through our busy days getting into all kinds of things.  Things that we do that are cute, things that we do that are funny, things that we do that are bad (not me, I’m a good puppy), and things that amaze Daddy & Mommy, like me…. loving to get vacuumed!  Not sure if all puppies hate being brushed (like me), I just nibble Mommy all the time when she tries to brush me, bite her hair, the brush, but she somehow gets the job done…I, however, would rather be vacuumed!  I just love it when Mommy vacuums because I chase the vacuum all over the house, and try to bite the end of the nozzle.  Sometimes I get too close to the end and it sucks up my tongue a little, then I growl at that darn vacuum!  (stupid vacuum) When Mommy is all done with the cleaning, she runs the vacuum

Here's me, the day I was adopted - Still hate being brushed!

 all over my puppy fur and it feels so neat!  I don’t bite the vacuum either when she does this because I love it!  Don’t know why I hate being brushed so much, but if I don’t have to be brushed, you can vacuum me anyday!

Until later,

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