Why did the Deer cross the road?

Spending time with Daddy

It’s Sunday morning and I’m spending some quality time with Daddy while Mommy is still sleeping and I was whispering to Daddy what I wanted for Christmas, and then all of a sudden… this big huge “dog” came out of nowhere, no wait… that’s not a dog, it’s something called a “Buck”!  WOW, Daddy said that he has not seen one of these in a long time around the house.  Boy oh boy was he ever big, don’t want to mess with this guy!  Even though I growled at it from the safety of my own home (through the front window with my squeaky toy in my mouth), I still don’t want to run into this big guy when I am outside.  I already had a run in with a Mommy deer one night, and she was stomping her feet into the ground at me & snorting, and Mommy told me that she was doing that because she had her babies with her.  Who cares about that, that Mommy deer interrupted my #2 bathroom break, now I can’t go!    Until later, Nikita

Why did the deer cross the road?

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