I learned a new Four Letter Word

My First Snowfall

I learned a new four letter word today, and it’s not a bad four letter word either – S N O W!   WOW, did you know that you can eat this stuff?  It’s like “frozen water” or something, but I heard Mommy saying not to eat the “yellow snow”, don’t know why she said that, but I’ll have to find out why though.  This white stuff really shocked me today when I stepped on it, brrrr was it cold to my little paws, but what was amazing is that yesterday when I went outside it was raining.  Where did this white stuff come from?  All I know is that it was fun to run around on and all I kept doing was eating it, and eating, and eating.  Mommy laughed.  Mommy dries off my little paws though when I come back into the house to help keep me dry. 

I also went with Daddy & Mommy this morning to the vets to get some more shots, and I found out that I gained 4 more pounds since my last visit! WOW, I am now up to 19.3 lbs. and getting bigger every week.  Dr. Danis is a really nice Vet because he takes good care of me and gives me hugs & puppy treats.  Can’t wait to get home to play in the snow again, hope this stuff stays around awhile!

Happy Snow Day to all of you!  Hugs & wet puppy kisses to you,

P.S. – Don’t eat the yellow snow!

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