What’s a puppy to do? I saw the light!

What is that?

As an energetic puppy that I am, I am always looking for things…things to get into, things to do, things to sleep on (gotta love my blankie), things that I see, things that I can chase (like the deer in the backyard), things that I can growl at (still don’t like the garbage can or the garbage man), but today, I saw “the light”.  Mommy opened up the blinds in the kitchen this morning and this strange glow appeared on the floor.  What is that?  I danced all around the kitchen and saw this thing that looked like me – who is following me? 

What is a shadow?

Mommy kept telling me that it was something called a shadow, but I still don’t know what that means, I just want that other dog to stop following me!  Grrr  

I also got another new doggie toy the other day that I love!  Daddy & Mommy has such a huge toy box for all of my toys, and I think I heard them talking the other day about  some new toys that they got me already for Christmas!  When is Christmas?  When do I get my toys?  Do I have to wait?  Grrr 

My new "WOOF" Wool Ball

I love my Daddy & Mommy so much because they give me so much love and huggies every day.  I also heard Mommy saying that it might snow this week, what is snow?  I don’t think I know that word yet, but I can’t wait to find out all about it.  I’ll have to blog again when I find out what “snow” is. 

Until tomorrow,
Puppy Smoochies to you – Nikita

2 thoughts on “What’s a puppy to do? I saw the light!

  1. What a cute little pumpkin. We’ve enjoyed reading your site. Do you think you can teach us how not to have accidents in bed????? 🙂

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