I want to WIN Thoughts Appear Halloween Costume Contest

Mommy made me this adorable Fairy Costume














Hi everyone, it’s me, Nikita!  Mommy spent a lot of time cutting & sewing me this adorable pink (I LOVE pink) Fairy costume because Mommy & Daddy said that I am a “Fairy Tale” come true when they adopted me from the Cleveland APL and gave me a good home when I did not have one.  I now have a good home, good parents, good food to eat, and lots of treats too, all thanks to my Daddy & Mommy.  My story is unbelievable because I came from a litter of seven puppies, all who fought for their life to stay alive, and my foster Mommy had to feed us every hour and a half every day so we could survive.  My real furry Mommy died not long after she gave birth to all of us in a tragic accident.  So, it goes without saying that I am grateful for having my new Daddy & Mommy who take great care of me, and play with me every day and who gave me a “second chance for love & happiness“. 

I want to thank Thoughts Appear for having such a great idea and holding a Halloween Costume Contest and also Blarney for helping Angie out in the judging. I hope I have a chance to win the contest – hey wait a minute, you did not tell me what we can win?  Is is a box of puppy treats?  I would like that a lot!  Even though I did not get any Halloween candy to use to bride the judges with (since Chocolate is bad for puppies) I do have lots of wet puppy kisses for them if I win!  Wish me luck!

Even Mommy wore Pik to match my costume!

Me in my Pink Tutu

2 thoughts on “I want to WIN Thoughts Appear Halloween Costume Contest

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