When a Black Cat Crosses your Path

Hey, who let this thing in the house?

Mommy was having some fun with me yesterday, and she thought it was funny to bring this scary black cat down from the bookshelf so I could see it.  Not funny at all…grrrrr!  That thing scared me and I was growling at it, but it just kept hissing at me. (Darn cat)  I am glad that I can make Mommy laugh, but thing has got to go!  It kept chasing me all around the house, and then that stupid black cat stole my favorite ball, now it’s war!  I’ve got to get it back… somehow.  Maybe if I sneak up on it, it won’t see me coming, whoa…. that stupid cat saw me, rats!  Well, I’ve got to do some well planned out thinking and figure out what to do to get my ball back…. Hey, I can just grab that stuffed cat and put him in my crate.  Yeah, that is what I am going to do…I’ve just got to sneak up on it again and then…. run!  Ha ha, stupid cat… gotcha! 

Until tomorrow or the next scary Halloween prop gets me…

Get the ball, get the ball, get the ball



2 thoughts on “When a Black Cat Crosses your Path

  1. Just wanted to say that I love your pictures! I found your blog because my family also adopted a dog from the APL (we suspect he is part Akita as well!) and they feature a link to you on their website. Glad I visited, too — I’m a sucker for puppy POV and cute pictures! Thanks for sharing.

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