Did I mention “I LOVE Leaves”?

Hey everyone, it’s me, Nikita!  I had a busy day today playing outside with Mommy while the weather was nice and warm!  I love it when the wind blows through my little puffs of fur, kinda tickles, but it feels good.  Wheeeeeeee, here comes another gust of wind!  Mommy brought her camera outside probably because she wanted to photograph my good side, hey wait, all sides of me are awesome!  (I just can’t seem to take a bad photo) hee hee hee  

Taking my leaf for a little walk...

I love to run in the backyard because I am happy when I am hopping and jumping, and I also love to chew on my leash because it feels like I am walking myself.  (Daddy & Mommy always laugh when I do this!)  I heard Mommy telling Daddy that she wants to take me for a long walk, but I need to learn first on how to “NOT” stop every second and eat things on the ground.  I am curious about “everything” and I need to investigate every little speck no matter how small it is.  That is what puppies do best.

Here's my serious pose

Mommy took some time away from her busy day selling on eBay to teach me a new trick today!  She taught me how to “shake”.  I learned how to do this today in about 20 minutes, but I needed to be coaxed with some treats, treats are always good.  We kept doing this all afternoon and I just kept giving her my paw (left paw, then right, then left. and so on) and every time I was praised when I did good!  Mommy said I am a smart puppy, I agree.  I could not wait until Daddy got home today to show him my new trick, and guess what?  I remembered how to do it when Daddy asked me for my paw!  How cool is that?  Daddy was so impressed with how smart I am too!  (I love my Daddy)

Here I am with another leaf, did I mention I LOVE leaves?

I also wanted to give a great big WOOF Shout Out to David W.  from the Cleveland APL.  David wrote to me today and I wanted to thank him personally for all that he did for me to get me adopted with my Daddy & Mommy.  Thank you David!

Stayed tuned for upcoming posts because I will show you what I am going to be for Halloween!  Daddy & Mommy got me all decked out in something really cute – and it’s Pink!  I love pink as you can see from my adorable pink collar, leash and blog!  I also heard that I will be at PetSmart for their HOWL-O-WEEN costume contest in Parma on October 23rd at 3:30.  Stop by and say hi to me! 

Puppy Kisses,


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