Cleveland APL

Great news everyone!  The Cleveland APL just posted me on their website under the Happy Tales Section  NIKITA’S GONE GLOBAL!  I was adopted in September and just love my new Daddy & Mommy and, of course, the friendly people at the Cleveland APL.  The APL took great care of me until my Daddy & Mommy adopted me and I just want to say “Thank You” for giving me a great start in life and helping me find a wonderful new home. 

Puppy Smoochies,

If you ever thought of adopting a pet, please contact them to find your own little bundle of joy.  If you cannot adopt, please donate!  Your donations will help assist in caring for puppies like me and other great pets until they can be adopted.  Every pet needs a chance for love & happiness, just like I got – THANK YOU Cleveland APL and to my Daddy & Mommy for loving me so much! 

ZZZZZZZ - Snoozing on my favorite toy from Grandma

2 thoughts on “Cleveland APL

    • Nikita says “Thank You”! Every time we look at her, we just melt and are so blessed that she is now part of our family! Hopefully you can subscribe to her blog and she can bring you happiness every day while watching her grow up!

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