And the Award goes to…

Hey, it’s me Nikita!  It’s Monday morning and I just found out that I got an award for being the cutest puppy ever!  Angie from Thoughts Appear blog gave me this award and I want to thank her with lots of wet puppy kisses!  Mommy just told me about Angie and how she just LOVES food like pop tarts and cupcakes, but hates to go camping.  Angie loves Halloween just as much as my Daddy & Mommy and although we heard that she bought a lot of different Halloween costumes already, we are dying to know what she will actually dress up like for Halloween.  (the suspense is killing me)  Angie is my new best friend!  Thanks again for awarding me “The Cutest Puppy” award. 

With Love & Puppy Kisses,

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