What’s that Big White Thing?

What's that BIG white thing?

I keep seeing Mommy & Daddy opening up this BIG white thing.  I am curious as to what it is.  I know that I am a lot cooler standing in front of it, yet they keep telling me to “get out”!  Hey, the stuff in here looks good, but where is my puppy food?  (What is Omaha Steaks?) I don’t think that they open this BIG white thing up when they feed me, so where are they hiding MY food?  Grrrrr.

Nikita Popart

My Mommy is really creative! (I love my Mommy)  She created this really neat Popart of one of my photographs from this neat website:  www.bighugelabs.com   I wonder what she will create next?

With all that I get into during my busy puppy day, I love it when my Daddy comes home!  (Can’t wait to see Daddy!)  Here I am waiting for my Daddy to come home by sitting by the front door waiting, and waiting…(hey, who is that dog on our sidewalk?)

Waiting for Daddy to come home from work

Until Tomorrow,

2 thoughts on “What’s that Big White Thing?

    • Getting bigger every day now! Nikita loves to chase leaves in the yard, so she is going to love the Fall Season for sure! “Grandma” got her a stuffed Hedgehog that sounds like a goose when you squeeze it and Nikita loves playing with it!

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